House of Antojitos was looking to increase web traffic on their new website promoting their business. When a potential customer searches their services from a search engine their site should be visible and prominent so that people can visit their site. Previously their visibility on Google search engine was zero.

We have done extensive optimization to improve their site ranking on Google. We also have identified several problems and have identified what is required to correct these, improving site ranking and increasing traffic to the site.


The client wanted to increase their sales by increasing their internet traffic to their website (Google Analytics) as well as local foot traffic through exposure from Google maps (Insights Analytics). So firstly, we have done SEO analysis through Google Analytics and Google Insight. This gave us information about where the problems lie and what errors needed to be tackled so that ranking of site may be improved.

We utilized various strategies for optimization and also extensively audited their citations. We have also worked on the errors in scripts and page loading to optimize the site.


House of Antojitos

what we did

Branding / Graphic design / Web design


%Views Increase

The page views were overall increased 18.61% by June 30 as compared to May 25.

The sales were increased at competitively higher rate as page views were increased.


%Unique Views

Unique page views increased by 12% as compared to site before optimization.


Views in 1 Month

Total views in 1 month after optimization were 2.09K


Total Searches

The total searches in one month are 1204; directly found searches totaled 356 and 848 by search engines.

Total actions done in 1 month by customers were 184.

Customers typically spend 30 min to 2 hour at your location. The average visit lasts 1 hour.

Most people visit the site from 10am to 10pm.


Photo Views

The photo views were 10.3 K in one.



The above results show how the site has improved as compared to previous results although it still needs improvements. Gradually it will become popular as more people will search then recommend it to their friends. Basic SEO has been completed and it now depends on people searches to make it more popular.

Through basic SEO the rank of site has improved on search engines. Actions on a website guarantee more sales because views correlate with potential leads. The increase in unique users helps in increasing popularity of the site and the results illustrate that the unique views are increasing. Next steps in performing improvements for the site is to work on photo views as photos were having less views as compared to market. The increase in traffic to the site from optimization and from photo and graphics update is expected to correlate with an increase in views and increase in customer base.

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