Case Study

The One Piece Bar


“The One Piece Bar” is a vibrant and unique bar located in the heart of the city. As a design agency, we were tasked with creating and managing their Instagram account from the ground up. In this case study, we will outline how we helped “The One Piece Bar” establish a successful and engaging Instagram presence in just 90 days.

Setting the Foundation

Brand Identity and Storytelling

We began by understanding “The One Piece Bar’s” brand identity and unique selling points. The bar had a nautical theme inspired by the famous pirate adventure, “One Piece.” We used this theme to create visually appealing and cohesive content that would resonate with the target audience.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy revolved around three key pillars:

  1. Thematic Posts: We consistently posted high-quality images and videos showcasing the bar’s unique decor, signature cocktails, and themed events.
  2. Engaging Reels: We leveraged Instagram Reels to create short, attention-grabbing videos, including bartenders showcasing their skills, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and customer testimonials.
  3. Interactive Stories: We used Instagram Stories to engage the audience with polls, questions, and sneak peeks of upcoming events and promotions.

Achievements in the First 90 Days

Follower Growth

In just 90 days, “The One Piece Bar” saw remarkable growth in its Instagram following. The account reached a total of 158,700 accounts.

Post Engagement

  • Posts: The posts on the account reached an impressive 42.8K users, effectively showcasing the bar’s visual appeal and offerings.
  • Reels: The engaging Reels content reached 15.3K users, capturing the attention of a wider audience.
  • Stories: Interactive Stories drew in 6.1K viewers, making use of the platform’s ephemeral nature to maintain user interest.

Top-Performing Content

The most engaging post/reel of “The One Piece Bar” garnered an astonishing 110k views. This particular content piece showcased the bar’s unique atmosphere and its connection to the “One Piece” theme, capturing the audience’s imagination.

Profile Data

In terms of profile activity, “The One Piece Bar” received significant attention:

  • Profile Visits: The profile received a total of 22,203 visits, indicating a high level of interest from potential customers.
  • External Link Taps: Users tapped on external links 795 times, demonstrating a strong interest in learning more about the bar’s events and offerings.
  • Email Button Taps: There were 10 taps on the email button, showing interest in direct communication with the bar.
  • Business Address Taps: The business address was tapped 896 times, indicating that users were interested in visiting the bar’s physical location.


In just three months, we helped “The One Piece Bar” establish a vibrant and engaging presence on Instagram, reaching a wide audience and generating significant interest in their offerings. Through a well-defined content strategy and visually appealing posts, reels, and stories, we successfully elevated the bar’s online presence and connected with potential customers. The impressive engagement metrics and profile data indicate that “The One Piece Bar” is on the path to continued success on Instagram, ultimately driving more patrons to experience the unique world of “One Piece” at their bar.

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