November 9, 2022
It’s not just content

As professionals in the industry, we tend to look at social media through the lens of just content. Many companies and social media managers tend to focus on the text content And not so much on imagery and the design of the overall post. Working with up-and-coming artists and musicians we’ve learned the importance of designing the visuals of the posts. Social media provide us ample space for a caption or a description, so utilizing the visual part of the post is crucial. 

Things to keep in mind for social media posts:

  • Have a theme but not a pattern
  • Break from your guidelines
  • Keep text on the graphic to a minimum
  • Don’t keep stock images/graphics stock, edit them
  • There are no guarantees

Thank you for checking out our blog. We hope you like the content!

Written by Alex B.

Technical writer and Communication guru for Apt3K.

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