TOP Anime Bar


Branding, Collateral Design & Web Design


Project Brief

TOP Anime Bar is an anime-themed bar located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. We loved working on this project and gave it our all. Please take a look at some of the assets for the project.

The Process

We embarked on a comprehensive design journey. Beginning with research into iconic anime aesthetics, our team developed concepts that merged the bar’s vision with classic anime elements. Using a user-centric approach, we crafted a vibrant color palette, logos, and promotional materials, all fashioned to enhance the patron’s experience.

Through continuous collaboration and feedback with the client, TOP Anime Bar received a brand identity that captivated its target audience and celebrated the world of anime.


Full Graphic | Simplified Graphic | Icon Graphic

Brand Guidelines

Drawing inspiration from iconic anime aesthetics and motifs, we designed a set of comprehensive guidelines covering everything from color codes and typography to logo placements and usage scenarios.

Collaborative workshops with the client ensured that every detail resonated with their vision, while also offering flexibility for future growth. By the end of our engagement, TOP Anime Bar was equipped with a robust and cohesive set of brand guidelines, ensuring brand integrity and recognition across all touchpoints.

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